This should help you decipher what sort of engine you have in your Volkswagen. The "Code" column shows the first character or two of the engine code, stamped on the case. I supplied data for Porsche 914 cases as well as VW 411/412 cases just in case your Bus has one of those engines in it (since they are easily interchangeable).
Volkswagen Trouble Codes. Some years and models may not be applicable. RETRIEVING CODES (DIGIFANT System). Turn the ignition ON. Connect the black end of the jumper cable to the black diagnostic connector in center console under shift boot.
More Volvo Engine Fault Codes. Coolant Temperature (Code 6.1, PID/SPN 110). Cause. Reaction. • Engine control module. reduces engine power. (unless the protection has. been shut off with the VODIA.