Golfers that use the standard putting technique OR have a "Traditional" Arm Lock Putter and want a large or jumbo size grip. At 19", this is one of the largest and heaviest grips on the market that provides significantly greater stability that will steady those shaky hands and wrists.
Jan 02, 2014 · Just curious when choosing which size grip what size would be more beneficial to a small handed person. Im a cadet medium with my longest finger just around 7 inches. I've held the grips alone not attached to a putter the 3.0 feels huge in my hands but not sure if it would perform better than the 1.0.
The Kotahi grips are designed for the revolutionary BJM palms up putting system. Holding the putter the way we do has been questioned, investigated Paul Runyon used the palms out putting grip, but its benefits have been lost in the hype of other putter grips. The BJM Kotahi putter grip brings the...
It is an approximation of how head-heavy your putter feels during your stroke - heavy, light, or in between (how much weight you feel towards the head vs towards the grip end). It is impacted by the length of the club, the weight of the head, and the weight of the grip, as well as any added weight in the head or grip end of the putter.