Jo Jorgensen achieved universal ballot access for the 2020 election earlier this week. All Americans have a third option on the ballot, Jo Jorgensen secures 50 states+DC ballot access This achievement makes it the second time Jo Jorgensen has appeared in print on all 50 states + DC and territories ballots.
Nov 10, 2020 · Jorgensen has 38,271 (1.16%). If Jorgensen’s votes went to Trump, instead of allowing Biden to win these states, the president would win re-election, with 289 Electoral College votes. The Trump campaign is challenging the current results in these and other states, and recounts are likely in several of them.
Jo Jorgensen, President Jeremy F. "Spike" Cohen, Vice President Write-in Mark R. Warner- D Daniel M. Gade- R Write-in B. Cameron Webb - D Robert G. "Bob" Good- R Write-in Judy E. Reynolds Write-in VOTE BOTH SIDES OF BALLOT Commonwealth of Virginia, Official Ballot Ballot Style 7 County of Bedford General and Special Elections Tuesday, November ...
Rocky for President 2020 - DONATE Libertarian presidential candidate qualifies for Maine ballot, ending lawsuit against state Libertarian presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen