Foundry VTT is a standalone application built for experiencing multiplayer tabletop Role Playing Games by making use of feature-rich and modern browser technologies. The Forge is fully integrated with Foundry Virtual TableTop, making the setup easy and enhancing your gaming experience even further.
Which is why there is an unlit VTT version in the downloads as well, which allows someone to add candles, lanterns and light sources themselves instead! Oh and if you don’t know what Foundry VTT is yet, then I suggest giving it a look! I think it’s hands down the best virtual tabletop for playing games online out there right now :)
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This Foundry VTT system requires For Gold & Glory™ Rules that you can find here. If you enjoyed the game please support the artist by purchasing a copy of the rules. Artwork. Weapon quality icons, and the Treasure chest are from Rexxard. Contributions. Any feedback is deeply appreciated. Please issue tickets. Attribution