Description. Deda's Expander Bung features a high-quality alloy construction with a high-grip knurled finish. This ensures it provides a firm hold on the inside of carbon fibre steerers, so you can corner and descend in confidence. Read More.
Control Centre for Tube Amplifiers Modern, variable reactive attenuator circuit for tube amplifiers up to 150 W, Impedance settings for Youtube. Show all. Boss Waza Tube Amp Expander | Review.
ER clutches and brakes feature a centrifugal expander tube that provides shock absorption and transmits the entire torque load, providing long life in high duty cycle environments. ER clutches and brakes are designed for commercial laundry, tire builders, paper converters and other textile-related machinery.
An expander tube brake is a different approach to braking that is used on aircraft of all sizes produced in the 1930s–1950s. It is a lightweight, low pressure brake bolted to the axle flange that fits inside an iron brake drum.