May 23, 2018 · Hides all the platform-specific BLE code (using BlueZ on Linux and CoreBluetooth on Mac OSX) and provides a simpler syncronous BLE API which is great for scripts and other automated tasks using BLE. For example you can create a program to read and write data (like sensor readings) with a Bluefruit LE device in UART mode.
BLE code works on bluez 4.101, not working on bluez 5.28. ... Maybe try the heart rate monitor example with bluez 5.28 and sit and watch it for 3 minutes and see if ...
BlueZ¶ BlueZ is a Bluetooth stack for the Linux family of operating systems. Support for BlueZ can be found in many Linux distributions available. The highest level of API on BlueZ is the DBus API which can be daunting to users unfamiliar with such APIs.
It's really up to your GATT Client's BLE Stack on how it handles this. From a GATT Server/Sensortag perspective, as long as GATT reads/writes are received, the TI BLE Stack will schedule and send the proper response. I'm not sure how BlueZ handles multiple connections, but I'm fairly positive it should be able to handle this use case.