Dec 21, 2020 · The "bcftools view" command provides conversion between the text VCF and the binary BCF format, where both formats can be either plain (uncompressed) or block-compressed with BGZF for random access and compact size. The plain text VCF output is useful for visual inspection, for processing with custom scripts, and as a data exchange format.
Зменшення кількості нових лабораторно підтверджених випадків захворювання на covid-19 у Хмельницькій ОДА пояснюють тим, що у вихідні сімейні лікарі та мобільні бригади, які збирають аналізи, не працюють.
You can try something like this in bcftools, which is a bit quicker than VCFtools, as it uses block gzipping and indexing. # make sure both files are indexed and in bgzip format bcftools index vcfA.vcf.gz bcftools index vcfB.vcf.gz # find overlapping positions between the two files bcftools isec -n~11 -c all vcfA.vcf.gz vcfB.vcf.gz > sharedPositions.txt # filter vcf files for the overlapping ...
intersected ancient and modern VCF files for each phenotype using bcftools isec (v1.4.1) (Li, 2011), which returned two separate outputs including shared positions from each VCF file. Then, those genotypes of common positions were merged into one single VCF file using the vcf-merge (vcftools v0.1.17) (Danecek et al., 2011) software.